Many have tried, but many have failed. Where others have died, Le Conte d'Eldorado escaped by mutating into EhB. Some then tried to have EhB locked up, but he transgendered himself into Emmanuelle5. Inevitably, it didn't take long for people to come looking for Emmanuelle5… and the result: Le Conte d'Eldorado comes back life. How little people learn. And now a new much more powerful virus has locked down the world: Le Conte d'Eldorado imploded, breaking up into a million tiny fragments that multiplied and dispersed in a profusion of Enfants Groins, small, funny and mischievous ghosts who first appeared at ancestral origins of Les Tétines Noires, and who have now mysteriously returned to our world thanks to the sleight of Emmanuel Hubaut's hand. They reproduce so fast that it's almost impossible to contain them. What of the captured few? That is the subject of these few lines.

Les Enfants Groins — An 2020

An edition of 1 Porte Folio, 3 Leporellos, 1 Wall Paper and 1 T-shirt, all made from 76 original A5 indian ink drawings. Designed by PFL. Printed, shaped and published by Dominique Zazou Perrin at ADLC (Calais, France) November 2020

Les Enfants Groins — La Belle Époque 12X12
An edition of 5 cards printed from original A5 indian ink drawings. Printed and published by La Belle Époque Made in Roubaix (France) October 2020



Die Kette group exhibition SomoS Gallery Berlin, November 2019